Beauty for Ashes Contemporary School of Dance (BFACSD) is a performing arts organization that includes a repertory dance theater company (Riddick Dance). Both build bridges of understanding through the presentation, instruction and celebration of choreographic works, focusing on under-served communities while also addressing the broader public. As an independent non-profit organization the mission of BFACSD is twofold: to educate and create in the realm of contemporary dance.

The primary component of BEAUTY FOR ASHES CONTEMPORARY SCHOOL OF DANCE is educational. It addresses primarily under-served communities of the Hampton Roads, VA, region. Special attention is given to the needs and goals of younger members of these communities, providing them with the tools of discipline, respect, integrity, creativity and a focused work attitude, regardless of economic or social background. This emphasis is understood as vital to the health and well-being of the community at large.

BEAUTY FOR ASHES CONTEMPORARY SCHOOL OF DANCE facilitates artistic collaborations, including but not limited to performances, workshops, seminars and community projects, thereby fostering grassroots involvement and increasing a general awareness of the performing arts in the Hampton Roads region and beyond. Through these efforts, new channels of creative dialog between dynamic cultural expressions including, but not limited to, dance, music, poetry, visual arts, and performance media, are established while existing avenues of creative dialog and cooperation can be broadened.

Under the auspices of BEAUTY FOR ASHES CONTEMPORARY SCHOOL OF DANCE and by following its guidelines, Riddick Dance, its repertory dance theater company, offers performance opportunities to artists and dancers so they can share their work with a broad range of audiences, furnishes design and rehearsal space for both new and established choreographers and dancers, and provides administrative and technical support to choreographers and other performance organizations. In this way, Riddick Dance can create and present a broad dance repertory so as to enrich the range of cultural offerings of the Hampton Roads region.