Motivational Tuesdays (VIII)

Our newest addition to Conversation and The Arts, is the new edition of Motivational Tuesdays! Visual Arts encompasses so much more than just dance, music and artistry of painting.

Today, we will look at how The Arts contributes to the development and growth of children that seem to be in dire situations. This all about motivating and uplifting the community through the expression of The Arts.

Motivational Tuesdays (V)

This week’s message is OVERCOMING.

Often times, when we think of dance, we think “limber and athletic.” However, anyone can fit the title of “Dancer,” as long as you’re driven and you consistently push towards that goal.

With the video shown below, we see just that, a man that beats all stereotypes of the “typical dancer.”

There is a lesson to be learned from the effort displayed by this trooper. Even though, in the physical sense, he may be confined to just his wheelchair, his mental has surpassed the ability of his physical.

He has reached a new height of his ability, all because he believed!

ASL 5-Year Anniversary

Come join us for a wonderful evening of dance, laughter, and fun.


Beauty for Ashes Contemporary School of Dance

January 14, 2017


Hampton VA, 23669 .

Please RSVP at (757)848-5356

We have over 15 items for our Live Auction. Here are a few from the list.

NYC Package

Bed& Breakfast , 2 concert tickets and dinner for 2

Women Package

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1 night stay at the Marriott

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Motivational Tuesdays (IV)

Get ready for another addition to Motivational Tuesdays!

Perseverance and Determination makes for a great Inspirational Success!!

This young lady triumphs all odds, despite her disability to follow her dreams and do what she loves!

Motivational Tuesdays (III)

Hello All,

A new week means new motivation! This week our theme is taking it to the Islands! Feel and Enjoy the drums, bass and vocals on this top hit! The dancers hit every beat and feel every emotion and it shows within their movements. These dancers take moves from the both the Islands and Africa to incorporate soul into their practice.

Everyone is in tune with one another; this is what happens when everyone moves in Harmony and Unison.

Dancing with your feet is one thing, but dancing with heart is another.

Calling All Artists!

Hello All,

Welcome to Beauty 4 Ashes Contemporary School of Dance!

We have a special discussion panel, just for the Arts, we are getting to know our local community creatives, singers and dancers.

If you know an artist or are an artist yourself, please call 757.848.5356, to set up an interview. We would love to hear your story!!!

Riddick Technique Improvisation Class

Welcome back Riddick Dance Family!

While you were gone, you missed contact improvisation, rehearsal for Bagley’s and CIARFOA. -The big day is fastly approaching; we hope that you have gotten your tickets for CIARFOA, coming up this December 10th at 8 P.M.

Set the date! |You can find tickets on our website, under Riddick Dance, look for Repertory. Here you can purchase tickets with ease, or visit https://www.hamptonarts.net/events/detail/riddick-dance-ciarfoa

Today in improvisation class; we learned about individual and contact improvisation. Contact improvisation, is being able to physically be in contact with one another while dancing. The girls were shy at first, but they quickly warmed up; we really had a break through during our class today! Our girls began to become emotionally entwined in their dance and technique.

We look forward to learning more improv techniques and applying them in the future!

As seen in the picture, the students take guidance from Mr. Riddick and their fellow students. They were highly responsive and caught on fast! So lovely!!img_0726img_0718