Does My Child Have To Take All Of The Classes Assigned To Him/ Her?

Yes! Because All of our divisions are curriculum-based, students must participate in every class assigned to his or her level in order to meet the requirements to advance to the next level.

Does My Child Have To Attend Classes On Saturdays And/Or Sundays?

Yes. Students must attend all of the classes scheduled for their level.

How Much Is The Tuition? 

Tuition fees are based on the level and program in which the student is placed.

Will My Child Get A Report Card That Indicates Their Artistic Progress And Grades?

We do not have traditional academic Report Cards, The Beauty for Ashes Contemporary School of Dance issues written evaluations that are an overview of your child’s growth and development.

What Day And Time Would My Child’s Classes Take Place?

Class schedules are based on student placement and class levels

Can My Child Take Only The Tap Class Or The West African Or The Modern?

No, students must participate in the full curriculum of classes assigned to their level. There are no open classes available.

How Will Child’s Level Be Determined? 

The placement of a student is determined by their proficiency in ballet.

Who Should I Inform If My Child Is Going To Be Absent From Class?

If your child is going to miss class, please email aisham@beauty4asheshamptonva.com and include the student’s name and level in the subject line.

What Is The Attendance And Lateness Policy?

Students are permitted 3 absences per term. If a student will be out, it is best that the parent notifies the Artistic Assistant at Davidr@beauty4asheshamptonva.com. Students are permitted a 10-minute grace period for lateness. After that, students will be asked to observe.

How Can I Help My Child Understand The Evaluation And How Can I Help Them Fix The Areas That “Somewhat Meets Expectations” Or “Needs Improvement”?

If your child received a mark in that area the instructor most likely commented on how they could progress at the bottom of the evaluation. Encourage your child and let them know they can improve in those areas; encourage them to stretch at home. Many instructors provided students with exercises throughout the school year. Have them speak with the teacher to receive further explanation or exercises in which they can improve.