Riddick Dance

Auditions for Trained Dancers

Audition will include ballet, improvisation, modern-various styles, and partnering.




Riddick Dance is looking for one male and two female dancers, of all backgrounds for the upcoming performing Seasons and other possible touring engagements. Riddick is looking for dancers that give the following: excellent training in Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Release Technique and Contact Improv. Must be able. Please note a BFA in Dance is required or an extensive background in Dance. The dancer must understand mind connection and developed critical thinking skills along with a stellar work ethic. That will help add to the rich culture and creativity of the school and company. Prepare a two-minute dance solo in your own style. The dance solo must be appropriately titled, and the accompaniment acknowledged. Please avoid classical repertory and pointe work.



Women 5’0”-5’9”

Men 5’7”-6’3”


Contracts: 32-40 weeks engagement.

You must have minimums four strong classical ballet training.


Dance Attire:

Leotard and tights only (Black tights for ladies): no sweats or warmers. Men will wear white fitted t-shirt black and tights, please. No Company video auditions are accepted! Dancers are required to be disciplined and committed. Please note all rehearsals are required.


Audition Dates

Audition Date:                                   July 11, 20202

Audition Callback:                            July 17, 2020

Audition Date:                                  March 27, 2021

Audition Callback:                            April 3, 2020



225 Chapel Street
Hampton, VA
(757) 848-5356


Artistic Director: David Riddick
Contact: David Riddick