Dances Save Lives Campaign and Gala

Mission: The primary component of BEAUTY FOR ASHES CONTEMPORARY SCHOOL OF DANCE is educational. It addresses primarily under-served communities of the Hampton Roads, VA, region.  Special attention is given to the needs and goals of younger members providing them with the tools of discipline, respect, integrity, creativity, and a focused work attitude, regardless of economic or social background. This emphasis is understood as vital to the health and well-being of the community at large.

Dance Saves Lives Gala, ‘’ they bleed for their shoes,’’ is a fundraising campaign shows how dance is an outlet for youth who are facing depression, suicide, anxiety, and direction in life.    The Dance Saves Lives Gala, which runs throughout the year, is designed to raise awareness regarding the importance of saving a life through dance. Youth can come out and participate in a numerous of events and gain insight from a professional artist and the arts in the life of the individual and the health of a community through discussions, workshops, free community classes, and financial literacy courses.  The Dance Saves Lives Gala is a fundraising gala.  The proceeds will benefit the educational and outreach initiatives of the Beauty for Ashes School and Company.



Dance Saves Lives Gala Ticket


Dance Saves Lives Gala (Table)