(BFA College Bound Dance Programs CBDP)

The BFACSD College Bound Dance Program (PREP) is for students exhibiting exceptional skills and a passion for dance. CBDP is specifically designed for students, ages 11-18, who have expressed a desire to pursue dance professionally.  Students must take a minimum of 8 classes per week) including invitation -only repertory workshops, performance opportunities, arts enrichment events, personal coaching and audition preparation for academic programs. The BFACSD Dance Pre-Professional Program, AGES 11-18, mirrors the CBDP program with the same curriculum however, special workshops designed for college bound students are reserved for CBDP students only.  CBDP and PRE—Professional students will be invited to join the Beauty for Ashes Youth Ensemble.


Track 1. Preparatory Dance Performing Arts Program

This program is for students who would like to pursue dance as a professional career. BFACSD will assist the student in pursuing dance professionally by:  coaching, providing audition support, assessment of skills and enhancement of placement and technique. BFACSD partnered with The Homeschool Academic Counselor which will additionally provide the following services:  SAT, ACT prep, resume creation, portfolio support and more to aid students on the college track.  Prep students must audition to join the B4ADE.


Track 2. Preparatory Program for Dual/Non-Majors

This program is focused towards students who may not pursue a major in Performing Arts, but are college-bound.  For those students who would like to highlight their dance experience as a part of a wider application to higher education, BFACSD offers this Preparatory Program. BFACSD has partnered with The Homeschool Academic Counselor which will provide the following services: SAT, ACT prep, resume creation, summer program research, portfolio support, and more to aid students on the college track. Prep students must audition to join the B4AYE.

Step 2.Click school tab
Step 3. Click on the tab of interest
Step 4. Click registration application,then click the link below
Step 5. Click get started 
Step 7. Click Start 
Step 8. Click let's go
Step 9. Wait until the Capital "T" shows up then click or left click to begin to type.
Step 10. At the top of the toolbar, click 'sign to sign the application.
Step 11. Another screen will appear, click draw signature.
Step 12. Use your mouse or figure to draw your signature.
Step 13. Click save and use, then use mouse to move your signature to the Parent /Guardian line.
Step 14.  Click done at the top right toolbar, then click yesits good to go.
Step 15. Once registration is sent, then go out of the screen and click make payment.
Step 16. Click payment, then login to your PayPal account and click BUY NOW.