Rules and Regulations

Dancer Code of Conduct

  • Dancer is expected to attend classes regularly
  • Dancers who miss classes are encouraged to attend make-up classes
  • Dancers is expected to be punctual. Warm-up is conducted at the start of every class and it is imperative that all dancers participate in warm-up to ensure that their body is ready for physical activity
  • Dancer must arrive on time to each class to avoid disrupting my teachers and other students, and begin to warm up athletically before the start time of my class
  • Dancer must wear appropriate clothing and shoes to each class in accordance with the uniform requirements, including wearing my hair in the appropriate style and removing all jewelry before each class
  • Dancer is expected to wear the Beauty for Ashes’ Dress Code to each and every class in order to positively influence the rhythm and structure of our classes
  • Dancer must be polite, courteous and respectful to my teacher, bow or curtsy to him/her at the conclusion of each class
  • Dancers are expected to demonstrate respect for all Beauty for Ashes’ Staff at all times
  • Dancers are encouraged to establish new friendships with dancers in their classes. We enforce teamwork and fairness and dancers are expected to treat each other with respect
  • Dancer observing a dance class for any reason are expected to be quiet and courteous to the dancers, Dance Teachers, and Assistants and should not disrupt a dance class for any reason
  • Dancer is expected to focus and pay attention to the Teacher’s instructions and keep talking to a minimum
  • Dancer must treat the studios, the premises, and the possessions of all other dancers with respect, care, and consideration
  • Dancer is expected to clean up after themselves and any mess that they create while at the studio
  • Dancer must understand that there is a zero tolerance behavior policy at Beauty for Ashes. Dancers behaving inappropriately will be removed from the dance class and parents will be involved
  • Dancer must understand that there is a No Touching Policy
  • Dancer should not touch other dancers, or any members of Beauty for Ashes’ Staff for any reason, unless necessary to perform teamwork-oriented choreography in a dance routine
  • Dance shall honor any commitment that I make to the Dance School and my peers, once I make that commitment, by attending rehearsals and performances above all other social events
  • Dancer cannot leave the premises between classes or after classes without adult supervision.
  • Dancer shall respect and care for all Costumes, Props and Equipment
  • Dancers must use the studio’s designated waiting area
  • Dancer must be honest in my attitude and preparation to group work, by working equally hard for myself and my peers
  • Dancer must be frank and honest with my Teachers concerning illness, injury, and my ability to participate in each class

 I will not:

  • Bully, gossip about, or isolate other students
  • Chew gum in class or eat food in classrooms or on any performance space
  • Use my mobile phone in class, in the foyer during my allocated class time, or in any change room environment
  • Upload any of BEAUTY FOR ASHES’ dances or choreography onto Facebook, YouTube, or other similar sites without the permission from the Artistic Director
  • Leave the Dance Studio premises without a parent/guardian or parental permission
  • Attend a class at any other dance school without discussing the situation with the BEAUTY FOR ASHES’ executive director
  • Teach others any of the choreography that has been taught at BEAUTY FOR ASHES’ unless they are current students of BEAUTY FOR ASHES’ and then only with permission from the Executive Directory
  • Re-perform any of the choreography that is taught at BEAUTY FOR ASHES’ at any location without written permission from the Executive, as this could breach copyright
  • Perform for any other dance school that competes with BEAUTY FOR ASHES’ without written permission from the Executive Director, and then only if the other dance school agrees to give appropriate credit to those who have helped me to develop my skills
  • I understand: The final decision regarding my ability to enter any examination will be made by the Executive Director
  • The Dance School reserves the right to ask any Student to leave the School for inappropriate behavior
  • That any decision I make to breach any of the Dance School rules, or breach the Dance Student Code of Conduct, may nullify all Insurance I am otherwise covered by while attending training at or functions for or on behalf of the Dance School

Code of Conduct for Parent & Others

I will:

  • Encourage my child to dance so long as he/she is interested in dancing
  • Encourage my child to dance and look at this art form as a possible new career change
  • Focus on my child’s performance rather than the overall outcome of the examination, performance or audition
  • Teach my child that an honest effort is as important as a victory, so that the results of each examination, performance or audition are accepted without undue disappointment
  • Teach my child to respect their peers and their Teachers, and lead by example
  • Help my child to set realistic goals based on his/her individual ability and experience
  • Encourage my child to follow the rules of the dance studio and any audition they enter into
  • Applaud good performances by all of the performers, not only my own child
  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from all dance activities
  • Respect and follow advice and direction provided by Dance Teachers
  • Remember that my child and their friends are dancing for their enjoyment, not my own
  • Encourage my child to see live professional performances as often as possible


I will not:

  • Focus on whether or not my child makes an audition, but encourage them to put their best effort into becoming a better dancer
  • Ridicule or yell at my child, or any other child, for making a mistake or not passing an examination
  • Upload any of BEAUTY FOR ASHES’ dances or choreography onto Facebook, YouTube, or other similar sites without the permission from the Artistic Director
  • Participate in public arguing. It is unacceptable. Any grievances you have must be discussed in private.








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