Vocal Arts
To instill motivation, dedication, and self expression through focused musical study.
A live audition and evaluation is required for new students who have the desire to be a part of the BFACSD Music & Vocal department. Returning BFACSD dancers must be recommended by Mr. Riddick for the vocal program.

The BFACSD  Vocal Arts Department consists of classes for ages 7 to adult 20.

The BFACSD Vocal Arts program includes dedicated and professional faculty, private and small classes and individual attention which provide young artists’ versatility through the study of variety of traditional and contemporary styles. This Division provides a warm and nurturing environment which students will develop artistic and technical skills allowing them to continue their education for an accredited college-university level.

The BFACSD  Vocal Arts Department wants to ensure that every student has access to a balanced, comprehensive and sequential program of study in the arts. Our Vocal Arts Program gradually builds many kinds of literacy while developing intuition, cognitive skills and dexterity into unique forms of expression, performance skills, and a strong a consistent vocal technique. BFACSD provides a broad range of experiences in order to build the foundation for a deeper understanding of advanced learning with traditional and contemporary education

Vocal Arts
BFACSD students have the opportunity to focus and study voice, ear training, music theory, languages and diction with private and group instruction from a highly accredited and professional performance based instructor. There will be many performance and collaboration opportunities for voice and dance students. This will allow the students to prepare for college, conservatory and the professional stage. It is mandatory for students to participate in all scheduled performances.

Master Classes are conducted with well-known guest instructors in respective voice fields that will enhance and enrich the student and their craft. Repertory rehearsals are an integral part of the curriculum. Singers will have the opportunity to develop their artistry and performance capabilities through the rehearsal and performing process.

Private Study
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional
Hours per week: 2.0 hours per week
Ages: 10 – Adult
Course Leader: Laurice Lanier-Trowell

(Hours may go over 2.0 per week depending on area of need, preparation for tech and performance weeks)

Sight Singing

This is based on sight singing techniques with emphasis on chromatic melodies and complex rhythmic patterns, four-part harmonic dictation, seventh chords, and diatonic triads in their inversion, modulation, and chromatic alterations. This will enhance the singer’s music reading and pitch abilities. The student will develop defined pitch and listening skills. (Individual & Group Class)

Music Theory

Music Theory examines the various parts, or elements, of music – melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre, texture, form, and the ways in which these individual elements combine and interact to create a piece of music. Fundamentals of music which involve learning major and minor scales, key signatures, intervals, and triads are introduced. This course includes the study of time signatures, various rhythms, and note values through rhythmic and melodic dictations.

Vocal Literature

This course gives an overview of music written for the solo voice from 1600 to the present. The development and transformation of song style throughout the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern eras will be traced through student’s present repertoire, listening assignments, lectures, and student presentations of specific composers and songs. This will increase the singer’s knowledge of repertoire from past to present.

Languages and Diction

The student will study (I.P.A.) International Phonetics Alphabet and form a comfort with the sounds of vowels, consonants and the rules for Italian, Neutral and British American, German and French. This will increase the vocalists’ ability to sing and communicate vocals in various styles and languages.

For more information about the day and times of the Private classes please contact the BFACSD Office at 757.848.5356.

Group Study
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional
Hours per week: 2.5 hours per week
Ages: 5 – Adult
Course Leader: Laurice Lanier – Trowell
(Hours may go over 2.5 per week depending on area of need and preparation for tech and performance weeks)
Vocal Studio (Ages 10 to Adult)

This course is the continuing development of the singer’s vocal ability with emphasis on building a technique appropriate to the repertoire suitable to the singer’s voice classification in group/lab form. Repertoire is chosen based on the individual students’ development. Students work on solos, small ensembles, and theatre and performance skills. The studio culminates with an opera and musical theater performance. Students will have scene study from various style operas and musicals. English, British American, Italian, French, German and Russian opera and theater scenes will be studied.

Musical Theatre for Young Actors (Ages 5 – 8)
This course encompasses voice, dance, and acting components. Students should not only be talented, but motivated and dedicated performers who have the desire to be a professional triple threat performer. Students will emerge from the program with an in-depth understanding of what it’s like to study theater in college and what it means to pursue a professional life in the theater.

Master Classes (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional Voice)

Master Classes are conducted with well-known guest instructors in respective voice fields that will enhance and enrich the student and their craft. Master classes combine vocalists of all levels. Students are given lectures, courses and performance opportunities. Workshop courses will prepare and condition students for stage productions and future performance opportunities.