Motivational Tuesdays (XI)

Greetings Readers! Welcome back to Motivational Tuesdays, hopefully you are settled with tea at home or at your office. Now let’s get right to the topic of discussion.

With times being how they are now, it is often so difficult to bypass things in life, in order to do what we need to do. Instant vs. Delayed Gratification. Today, we will talk about sacrifices for the greater good. For those of you that have cringed or even have chills sent down your spine from just reading the word, “sacrifice” this article definitely applies to you.

We must give up childish things in order to mature, learn and grow. However, it is the process and the journey of delaying instant gratification, where we will begin to see intangible and tangible results.

Now this process, does it just happen over night? No, anything worth having is worth waiting for. Anything, that new promotion, that new spot on the dance team you just auditioned for, that new shiny car you really want and even friendships & relationships. Everything takes time and consistency, in order to come to its’ true fruition.

Just a few words of encouragement this week! Remember stay blessed and keep your head up and goals high!!!


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