Motivational Tuesdays (X)

Happy Tuesday everyone, this is now the tenth addition to Motivational Tuesdays, can you believe it?

Time is a concept that seems too fast for some and not enough for others. That’s people’s perceptions.

Even though it may be hard to change or alter people’s perceptions or viewpoints of things within the world, every little bit helps with overcoming prejudice perceptions. Someone has to take the first swing at breaking down false and harsh stereotypes. Art seems to have a positive effect on doing so. Music, Painting, Singing, Dancing… expressing yourself in ways that are only effective if pure and heartfelt.

People will always think what they will and however they were raised, almost everyone will have something both positive and negative to say about everything you do. You must learn how to fine tune your senses to deal with backlash from the public. Some do not appreciate the true value of art, as an artist, singer, dancer or painter, it is imperative that you make your mark.

“As fast as time moves, that’s how fast things can change… even one’s perception.” – Ann

Shown above is a small documentary entitled, “Pretty Big Movement.” However, there are so many different stigmas in art, we will review select few over the month of March. Let’s overcome the negativity.

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