Motivational Tuesdays (VI)

Today marks the 6th Edition to our very own Motivational Tuesdays series!

We feel for the end of January there should be a special tribute to those that overcome odds to do what they love! Often times we take for granted what we can so easily do without second thought, what about those that must overcome not only the negativity of the world saying what they cannot do, but also they can bec their own worse enemies.

I hope that those that have read the motivational series, have found a sense of realization that truly anything is possible as long as you put your heart into it.

Do not be scared to let your heart lead you, you will be amazed at the heights you can reach with consistency and determination. Never give up your hopes and dreams. Speak positively into everything you do, you will see it flourish!


In the video shown, this man may be blind, but he lets his heart direct his footsteps. In turn, he doesn’t stumble and he doesn’t fall. He even manages to lead on his own! One can only be astonished and amazed at the type of movement this man is able to do. You would never know of his disability, which in turn became an opening and a capability he used to turn into an uncontrived masterpiece.

We love you, keep doing what you’re doing! You bring inspiration across the dance community and the world. Much love!


Ann Synergy

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