Riddick Technique Improvisation Class

Welcome back Riddick Dance Family!

While you were gone, you missed contact improvisation, rehearsal for Bagley’s and CIARFOA. -The big day is fastly approaching; we hope that you have gotten your tickets for CIARFOA, coming up this December 10th at 8 P.M.

Set the date! |You can find tickets on our website, under Riddick Dance, look for Repertory. Here you can purchase tickets with ease, or visit https://www.hamptonarts.net/events/detail/riddick-dance-ciarfoa

Today in improvisation class; we learned about individual and contact improvisation. Contact improvisation, is being able to physically be in contact with one another while dancing. The girls were shy at first, but they quickly warmed up; we really had a break through during our class today! Our girls began to become emotionally entwined in their dance and technique.

We look forward to learning more improv techniques and applying them in the future!

As seen in the picture, the students take guidance from Mr. Riddick and their fellow students. They were highly responsive and caught on fast! So lovely!!img_0726img_0718

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